Monday, April 18, 2011

Jantar by Tiago Hoisel

Recently, I discovered a blog by Brazilian artist Tiago Hoisel. I love his caricatures, particularly this image, titled Jantar.

Jantar by Tiago Hoisel

As I studied the details of this work, I really began to appreciate the artist's smart use of perspective.

Viewing this hilariously wacky family through the eyes of the boyfriend, Hoisel has allowed us to assess and poke fun at these people. However, at the same time, this family is sizing us up as well. Judging from their expressions, the gun pointed at us from the painting, and the stuffed ex on the wall, I get the feeling we may be coming up short.

I like that we don't get to actually see the boyfriend -- just the skull and crossbones detail on his wristband. It's enough of a clue to let us imagine what the rest of him looks like. In my mind, I see a kid who thinks he's the height of cool and fashion, but who may be the exact opposite of what Generalissimo wants for his daughter. Actually, jantar means "to have dinner" in Portuguese, and I sense that's exactly what Dad is about to do -- but he won't be eating the bird.

I love how Hoisel cleverly and humorously conveys the disparity between how we see ourselves and how others see us. It made me wonder what other people think of me.

To be truthful, I'm not concerned with whether everyone likes me or not. I can't please everyone, and I have to live with myself at the end of the day. However, there are certain things that I would like most people to be able to say about me. For instance, do I come across as being trustworthy? Am I patient and tolerant? Am I helpful? Am I at least trying to develop the characteristics that I want?

What about you? What do you hope that others see in you?


P.S. I do hope you visit Tiago Hoisel's blog. His caricatures are very fresh, very smart. Here is another image I want to share just because it really cracked my boys up.

Piracicaba by Tiago Hoisel


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