Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stopping Only For Shoes

When my husband and I got hitched nearly 12 years ago, we were living in sunny Florida. Since then, we've moved several times -- on average, once every 3 years. I don't mind moving, but I have noticed a perverse logic at work in the choice of our destinations. While most people move to cheaper, sunnier locales, we consistently buck this trend and continue to choose places with increasingly more snow and higher costs of living.

So anyway, it appears that it is indeed time to pick up stakes once again. Two weeks ago, I announced to the boys that we were headed for Connecticut. They both cheered, and then the six-year-old scurried frantically to the door yelling, "Wait a minute! I have to put my shoes on!"

Laughing, I explained that it would still be another 6 weeks or so before we moved, but I was delighted by his instant willingness to get in the car and go.

I wish I were more like that when God tells me to do something. Instead I make lots of excuses as to why I can't get a move on just yet. Next time, when I hear His voice, I hope I'm the one yelling, "Wait! I gotta get my shoes!"


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